Caller: AL
Name: AL
Also known as: Nothing else. Just AL!
Years they called: 2004-2006

Al began calling in to the Mischke Broadcast back in the Summer of 2004. But, oddly enough, he had no idea he was on the air for most of his early calls. He thought he was calling a weatherman that worked for the television side of KSTP. Of course, Mischke just rolled with this and took on the persona of a fictitious weatherman -- a fellow who went by the appropriate enough name of Blow Zephyr.

This deception covered a period of a couple of weeks or so. Al would call Blow or Blow would call Al. Their conversations mainly dealt with tornadoes and Mischke would tell one story after another -- each more outrageous than the last. Al was a pretty gullible fellow and Mischke was testing just how far he could push things before Al would call him on it. Oddly enough -- Al never called him on much and was just continually amazed at each of Tommy's (A.K.A. Blow Zephyr's) tales.

This went on until Mischke's conscience couldn't take it anymore. One night, Mischke went on the air and gave Al a call and explained the whole thing. You'd expect most people to be mad (and rightfully so), but Al just rolled with it and still continued to call in.

Over the next couple of years, Al would sporadically call in to the Broadcast. This ended abruptly in the Summer of 2006 -- after Al fell victim to a fatal heart attack.

Quotes Edit

Ya gotta laugh!

Always be nice to kids and old people.

God, I love talking to you!

Shows featuring this caller Edit

Summer of 2004 - This is a complete Mischke Broadcast that features the calls and conversations of Al and Blow Zephyr.

  • clip - "Al's got a few slogans to live by--you've gotta laugh and always be nice to kids and old people. One night Al called in to put in the good word for a Lions Club program where people can donate used eyeglasses for kids. Mischke decides to check the whole thing out and to see if the Lions Club would be up for helping even his kid -- a kid with some very special needs." (from Mischke Madness)
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