This was a particularly funny interview Mischke did with Mark C. Gumbinger, an expert on the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Mischke sung all the questions to the tune of the Gordon Lightfoot's famous tune. He expected Gumbinger to hang up, but he ran with it and the entire interview was conducted.

The date is not confirmed, but it was probably 1995-11-10, which was the 20th anniversary. One source said it was the 23rd anniversary which would put it on 1998-11-10. However, it would be odd for Mischke to do an interview about it on an odd anniversary like the 23rd. It is most likely the 1995 date.

Mark Gumbinger has produced three videos on The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald and they can be ordered from that link.

Audio Edit

2005-11-10 sound clip - On the 30th anniversary, Mischke replayed this interview. Here is the recording with an introduction by Tommy and a very angry caller at the end. (From Mischke Madness)

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