Homestead Mortgage was a long-time sponsor of The Mischke Broadcast. Mischke became notorious for the ads he would do for them, where people who did not go with Homestead Mortgage suffered adverse consequences, either coincidentally or via Michke's own accord.

Things Mischke Claimed Happened to People Who Didn't Go with Homestead MortgageEdit

  • Contracted Hodgkin's Disease
  • Contracted Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
  • Expectorated a 30-foot tapeworm
  • Died in a boating accident
  • Had their daughter get pregnant out of wedlock
  • Caught their wife cheating on them with the mailman

Things Mischke Threatened to Do to People Who Didn't Go with Homestead MortgageEdit

  • Punch your daughter in the face
  • Find out where your kids go to school and watch them on the playground at recess
  • "If ya don't go with Homestead Mortgage, I'll kill ya!"


You REALLY Better go with Homestead... Tommy makes the ultimate argument for going with Homestead Mortgage. This is an especially interesting ad because it is one of the few times where Mischke actually cracks himself up and loses it towards the end of the commercial.

You Better Go with Homestead Yet another tale of what can happen if you don't go with Homestead.

How Far is too Far for Homestead Mortgage? Mischke has done some of the most strangest, wildly "out there" commercials for Homestead Mortgage over the years. Ads where people are shot, maimed, threatened, beaten, and most any other horrible thing you can think of. Despite all this, Mischke has never received a complaint from Homestead -- where the company feels he might have gone a little too far. This makes Tommy begin to wonder, just what in the world does he need to do in order to get a complaint from Homestead?

You Really Better Go with Homestead For your next mortgage, go with Homestead or else not only will you pay too much -- but you'll also be beaten, electrocuted and tortured -- and that's just for starters...

Homestead Mortgage This is an actual ad that an actual company paid a lot of actual money for.

Homestead Mortgage -- Willing to Go the Extra Mile Homestead Mortgage is willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy -- even if it's legally, ethically or morally wrong.

I'm Going with Homestead This is the commercial that finally convinced me that I should really be going with Homestead Mortgage.

Better Go with Homestead Reason number 472 for why you should go with Homestead Mortgage.guardruler