Caller: Huguenot Bob
Name: Huguenot Bob
Also known as: Bob, Bob from Hugo
Years they called:  ????-????

Huguenot Bob was blinded at a young age (from an unknown cause). He would call into talk about various things, and often the Mischke and him ended up talking about him being blind.

In one of his first few calls, he mentions that he was from Hugo, MN. This prompted a discussion about the Huguenots. Mischke tells Bob to refer to himself as "Huguenot Bob" whenever he called in so Tommy would remember him.

Audio featuring this caller

  • 1999-04-16 - Bob calls in during the first half of the show. Later on, Jack Mann calls in and mentions that he knew Bob. They end up on the line together later on and Bob does not remember Jack at all, despite Jack knowing a lot about Bob.
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