Producer: Jeremy Kienitz
Name: Jeremy Kienitz
Also known as: Kodiak
Years with the show: 2001(?)-2002(?)
Other Producers

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Audio featuring this producer Edit

  • clip - "In this clip, we learn many interesting facts about Tommy's former producer--Kodiak--including the little tidbit that Kodiak has the Minnesota state record for the highest cholesterol level ever recorded--8,800!!!" (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Tommy and computers--these two do not work well together. If Tom had his way, radio broadcasting would be carried out today, much as it was back in the day of Eddie R. Murrow. But, alas, this is not the case. These days, Tom is stuck in a studio with a bunch of computers and we are all witnesses to the horror of one man's struggle against technology." (from Mischke Madness)
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