Traffic Guy: Kenny Olson
Name: Kenny Olson
Also known as: Kenny "Roadside" Olson,

The Soul Man

Years with the show: 1992-1993 (as a producer),

2004-2007 (as voice of traffic)

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Audio featuring this person Edit

  • clip - "Kenny is back with traffic -- and it's time to atone for his sins." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Due to an odd alignment of the Earth, Mars and Jupiter--I have suddenly found myself with a rare sound clip from the Afternoon Saloon with Don Vogel and Tommy Mischke! Before now, I had never heard these two together (aside from old Phantom calls) and now that I have finally heard something--it breaks my heart that so little of this stuff seems to be in existence. This particular sound clip is hilarious and also features another guy that AM1500 listeners will recognize--Kenny Olson--the traffic guy. Back then, Kenny was known as the Soul Man and did production work for various shows. It is especially fitting that I have something to finally post from this era--as we are coming up on the ten year anniversary of Don Vogel's death--June 5, 1995. I came to know Don Vogel's work only during the last couple of years of his life and his program was truly a joy to listen to. I only wish I had stumbled upon him earlier. Rest high Don Vogel... " (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "This sound byte comes from December of 2004--about a week before the release of Tommy's musical effort--Whistle Stop. Soucheray and the gang discuss Tom's upcoming CD release party and put our poor radio host through the ringer." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "All of the AM1500 radio personalities have suddenly come to realize that there is a traitor amongst them -- and that traitor is none other than our meek and humble traffic guy -- Kenny "Roadside" Olson." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "For the past couple of years or so, Kenny Olson has been handling the traffic reports at KSTP. Around twelve years ago, he also used to produce a show (at KSTP) for Bob Yates. He's been one of the few to get fired and then successfully come crawling back for more work. Thankfully, AM 1500 did take him back because it's always fun to hear Kenny and Tommy have one of their conversations." (from Mischke Madness)
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