Caller: Laura
Name: Laura
Also known as: Gullible Laura
Years they called: 2000??

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Quotes Edit

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Audio featuring this caller Edit

  • clip - "The first call from a lady by the name of Laura that used to call in quite a bit. She called in regularly for months and it was always entertaining to hear her calls because she was extremely gullible. Her calls to the show abruptly ended when Tom managed to hurt her feelings. I'll post that very call on a later update." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Gullible Laura comes through and delivers yet another stunningly odd call to the Mischke Broadcast." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "On a previous post, I talked about a caller by the name of Laura who was quite gullible. For a few months, she was completely in love with Mischke and the program--but this was the call that brought all that to a crashing halt!" (from Mischke Madness)
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