Newsman: Nancy Fox
Name: Nancy Fox
Also known as: Wildcat Fox
Years with the show: 2003(?)-2007
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Audio featuring this Newsman Edit

  • clip - "This is a rare clip from the early days of Nancy's tenure on the Mischke Broadcast. You can tell it is old because Nancy actually delivers a bona fide newscast!" (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Mischke's stomach violently churns at the thought of people spending a wonderful Friday evening--just sitting at home on the couch--watching some T.V. In fact, Tom considers taking drastic measures against anyone who would dare to disgrace a Friday night with such activities." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Mischke shares an amusing anecdote about an elderly lady that used to live in his Mom's neighborhood." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "The notoriously late talk show host decides to wreak havoc with everyone else's life by going to them early." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Nancy Fox is usually able to hold her own with Mischke--but this was the night when she finally lost it." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "George from Crookston calls in -- the most even-keeled guy on the planet." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Nancy Fox and Mischke reminisce about the golden era of television." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Wildcat Fox shows up to put on a newscast, but instead we hear poor ol' North Dakota getting ripped up one side and down the other." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "While talking with Nancy Fox, Tommy questions the legitimacy of chiropractors and relays an interesting story from his childhood." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "There once was a gentleman that enjoyed spending his afternoons at a nice gazebo in a park. He found this most enjoyable, until the lawn mowers would come out and purposely spray their grass clippings all over his clothes. This annoyed the fellow so much, that he decided it was time for a little revenge." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "A 911 dispatcher has some helpful suggestions for a distressed mother." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Mischke is talking with Nancy Fox when he suddenly commits the ultimate faux-pax for a professional radio broadcaster..." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "The Minnesota Twins are celebrating diversity week with some rather interesting promotions." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Mischke has probably had a dozen different newscasters appear on his program, but none seem to have the rapport that Tommy shares with Nancy Fox. This sound byte is a great example of how Mischke and Nancy are able to play off of each other and entertain the audience with just a regular, run-of-the-mill, meandering conversation." (from Mischke Madness)
  • clip - "Wildcat Fox and Mischke discuss some of the hilarious pranks they've pulled involving the police." (from Mischke Madness)
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